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Submitting to both the challenge and the workshop

If you want to participate both in the challenge and the GraphLab workshop, here are the steps:

  1. Submit your paper at the workshop. Your can compute your evaluation results in this paper using the validation set available on the website (see Training Corpora).
  2. Submit your final results by July 11th on the full testing set (that will be made available on July 9th).
  3. If your paper is accepted at the workshop, replace in the camera-ready version the results on the validation set by the final results on the test set.

Submitting to the challenge only

If you want to participate to the challenge but you don't want to submit a paper to the GraphLab workshop:

  1. Submit your evaluation results over the test set by July 11th.
  2. Include a 1 or 2 pages summary in the same style as for the workshop, describing the method used.
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