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Participants and results

The Web Spam Challenge 2008 had six teams participating. Each team submitted one or two sets of predictions for the items in the test set. All the predictions from the participants can also be downloaded in a single file: wsc_2008_submissions.tar.gz (6.7 MB)

Descriptions of systems and predictions

Jacob Abernethy and Olivier Chapelle
UC Berkeley / Yahoo, USA
Summary (pdf) - Predictions (.txt.gz).

Konstantin Bauman, Alexey Brodskiy, Sergey Kacher, Elmira Kalimulina, Ruslan Kovalev, Mikhail Lebedev, Dmitry Orlov, Pavel Sushin, Pavel Zryumov, Dmitry Leshchiner and Ilya Muchnik
Data Analysis School Moscow, Russia
Summary (pdf) - Predictions (.txt.gz).

Guanggang Geng, Xiaobo Jin, and Chunheng Wang
CASIA, China
Summary (pdf) - Predictions (.zip).

Dávid Siklósi and Andras Benczúr
Summary1 (pdf) - Predictions1 (.txt.gz) - Summary2 (pdf) - Predictions2 (.txt.gz).

Yuchun Tang, Yuanchen He and Sven Krasser
Secure Computing Corp, USA
Summary (pdf) - Predictions (.txt.gz).

Evgeny Skvortsov
SFU University, Canada
Summary (pdf) - Predictions (.txt.gz).


The submissions from the participants were evaluated in the test set and results were announced at AIRWeb 2008.

The AUC values obtained by the teams were:

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